March 24

W- Winners were Americans

A- Americas first war

R- Prince Regent was leading England


O- on July 18 ,1812 America declared war

F- France and America were trading which England did not like


1- 19th century was when the war took place

8- 8 months went by fastly as America and England fought

1- number one naval service was Americas

2- 2 countries fought at war

February 23

Battle of Yorktown

In Yorktown,VA on September 28,1781 “The Battle Of  Yorktown” began. People say it was the most important war of the revolutionary time era, this war also ended “Battle of Independence.”there where many people in this battle including, Francois Joseph Paul Grasse, Robert Abercromby, Thomas Dundas, Marquis de Choisy, Francois Marie d’ Abollive, Banaste Tarlenton, Moses Hazon, Charles Cornwallis,George Washington, Charles o’ Hara, and Benjamin Franklin were all in the battle. 72 Americans  were killed, and 309 British patriots were killed, 180 American  and 326 British were wounded. there was a lot of damage done and the Americans won.

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January 19

Finding Martin Luther King

January 6


2017 is finally here, I am so exited to go for my Brother to turn 14,  for me to turn 11 and go to Great Wolf Lodge with my friends for my birthday, I am am exited for my sister to turn 2. I am just all around exited and happy for birthdays. I hope to accomplish most or even all of my goals like,



get a/b honor role


help my mom take care of my sister


learn how to do a back flip


read a Harry Potter book

I have always got a/b honor role so I want to keep it rolling on.I hope you liked learning about what i want to do is , and I hope you have a great 2017!

December 8

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was a tragic day ,when Japan bombed us and we had no choice but to join World War 2. How it happened on December 7,1941 it was a quit Sunday morning in Oahu,Hawaii. Hawaii military was waiting for military planes to come in , but at 8:00 Japan struck. Submarines underwater ,Planes in the air.,Japan dropped a nuclear bomb,this lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes. We fought back and didn’t  give up. Later we dropped the only 2 nuclear bombs we ever dropped.Even though we were attacked we still fought and that is why we are the best Nation in the world,because of are freedom and because of are pride.  Image result for pearl harbor                                                                                                           Picture Site

December 5

Christmas Couplets

D is for Dancer who is best friends with Prancer

They like to dance to get there Christmas answers                                                                                                                                      Click For Picture