May 24

I’m Going To Miss You…

I’m going to miss you 5th grade,next year we go to 6th and we have to leave all are teachers and some of are younger friends,but i’m sure we will be fine i hope it will be. I’m going to miss recess and all the fun times with my friend . So now all I have to say is good bye

May 24

Good Bye 5th Grade

1.I liked all the fun I had with my friends at recess and field day.In Mrs.Lobue's class we did a passion project and it is really fun

2.I've learned about Dorthy Gibson in my passion project and i learned about the holocaust.

3.You should not talk in class or the teachers will get mad at you and you will get a mark.

May 5

Dear Mrs.Larue

Dear Ike,

It’s me your owner.I wish you would come home .I miss you,and I am sure you are very well behaved. I have been reading your letters and want you to come home. You have been there long enough. I don’t want you to have to slop any longer.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                            Mrs.LaRue


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April 19

Humans of 5th Grade

The best day of my life is when my sister was born . Paisley now she is 1 year old and  a mini me, I remember when she was born and I got to hold her. She was born on October 10, 2015. Right away I knew I was going to love her. I help my mom a lot even though I am a middle child. I babysit her all the time. In the morning she knocks on my door and helps me pick out my outfit. I love hanging out with her. We both love the movie Home. I love my sister and that will never end.

April 18

Child Labor

During child labor was a hard time for America because children were working and not getting payed fairly. Children worked the same amount of hours as adults but got half the pay. Children worked very dangerous jobs and lots of kids died.  It has a sad time.

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